Thomas D'Arcy

Thomas D'Arcy is a Canadian songwriter, performer, producer and engineer. His early career was spent as the front man and principal songwriter for the Toronto based band Small Sins. In 2014, he founded and continues to own and operate Taurus Recording - a studio wherein he has played various production, engineering and/or co-writing roles for bands such as Mounties, The Sheepdogs, July Talk, Lanekai, Bros, and Lindy. As a writer, D'Arcy has placed music in over 80 films and television shows, as well as dozens of advertisements including Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Telus, Dodge and Chevrolet. As a live and session bass player he was a member of k-osx for five years. Currently, he is developing a new dance project called White Hot Guilt as well as a collaboration record with Hawksley Workman - this while cultivating new material for a third Thomas D'Arcy solo record. He continues to engineer and/or produce dozens of other studio projects as they materialize. Ultimately, Thomas D'Arcy is a man that has worn many musical hats' this while yearning to try on a few more.